Frontend newsletter list (2024) 📬

Frontend newsletter list (2024) 📬

Here is a list of some of the best newsletters for frontend developers.

Frontend development is a dynamic field that demands staying up-to-date with the latest trends and techniques. Subscribing to newsletters can be a powerful way to achieve this.
Here’s a complete list of top newsletters for frontend developers.

We start with Cooperpress newsletters. You'll easily recognize them - their landingpages look the same, with a smartphone on the right. What they have in common is that they provide good articles every week on the frontend, javascript and other subjects, such as Ruby. See for yourself!

A lot of content each time, you won't be disappointed!

Frontend Focus: Get a weekly dose of frontend news, tutorials, and articles covering HTML, CSS, WebGL, and more

JavaScript Weekly: A newsletter full of awesome JavaScript news, articles, and projects

React Status: Stay up-to-date on React and React Native with a weekly collection of links and tutorials

This Week In React: High signal, low noise. Keep up with the most important news, trends and weak signals. Stop reading low-quality technical content produced for SEO purpose. The best source of news!

It's one of the best, if not the best, sources of information on the React.js ecosystem. The content is very complete, with news, docs, tools and more general articles. and You also have a 🇫🇷 French version so you can't miss it. Sebastien is also very active on twitter/X.

Sidebar: Receive a design-focused newsletter with the five best links every weekday.

Every day, simply find 5 high-quality links on the frontend and technology. Perfect if you like to do a little tech watch every day.

Unicorn Club: Access news, resources, and trends in a single newsletter, ideal for developers, designers, and creators.

I love it. For unicorn and frontend lovers, this newsletter is for you. Few links, but hight-quality

Smashing Magazine newsletter: Keep up-to-date with frontend and UX news in Smashing Magazine’s popular weekly newsletter, sent out every Tuesday

The site is a gold mine for developers, designers and product people. The newsletter is on the same level, with quality content not found elsewhere.

Bytes: Stay entertained and informed on JavaScript news with the bi-weekly Bytes newsletters.

Bi-weekly, so more links! The newsletter features good links and always a fun little quiz! The quirky style is also really cool, as is their website.

Tech Foutraque: Get the latest frontend development resources delivered straight to your inbox for FREE.

I too have my own newsletter dedicated to the frontend!
Every Monday you'll find the latest news, articles, tutorials, tools, videos and podcasts!
You can subscribe at the bottom of the page or here. Find our latest articles on our homepage.

CSS Weekly: Stay up-to-date on CSS with a weekly email featuring the latest articles, tutorials, tools, and experiments

CSS-oriented, you'll discover new videos, tutorials and tools every week! You can find the videos on our youtube channel

CSS Animation Weekly: Stay up-to-date on the latest CSS animations and tutorials with a weekly digest

With such a specialized theme, the newsletter is sometimes a little light, but the articles, tutorials or inspirations are great every time.

Frontend Weekly: Subscribe to receive a weekly email with articles, links, and news about frontend development.

Every week a (small) selection of frontend links. Most of them you've already seen elsewhere, but they may help you anyway.

Frontend Horse: Learn mind-blowing front end tricks from the web’s best creative developers!

I put it back because its creator seems to have taken over the newsletter. I liked this newsletter, few links but always of good quality.

Frontend Planet: Get the latest frontend development resources delivered straight to your inbox for free. 4 main categories: news, tutos, tools and inspiration.

A small selection of links following these 4 themes: news, tutorials, tools and inspiration. The inspiration section is pretty cool, and the other links are often the same as elsewhere.

Weekend Web Dev’s Newsletter: Receive the latest frontend tutorials and discover imaginative projects through this newsletter.

Only a few articles each time, but there's always something new!

UX Design Weekly: Stay current with the latest and greatest in UX design through a weekly roundup of links.

UX is as important to the frontend as code! And this newsletter (like smashing magazine) will bring you new knowledge to better develop your sites. Not too many links and always a "bonus" portfolio newsletter: Improve your web design with a weekly roundup of the top 5 web design tools.

Like UX Design Weekly, improve your skills with this newsletter, which includes a few links each time. Perfect for a quiet watch

Tools for Web Developers: Stay informed about tools for frontend developers with this weekly newsletter.

I don't know how they do it, but every week they come up with lots of different and really interesting tools. In its sector (tools), it's surely the best newsletter.

Codrops Collective: The Codrops Collective’s newsletter offers the latest updates and resources on web design and development

THE newsletter for developers and designers alike, with a wide range of topics, articles, sites and links. Every week, the content is full and of the highest quality.

Offscreen canvas: Get a weekly dose of WebGL and creative coding resources, demos, and inspiration.

If you're a creative developer, this newsletter will satisfy your thirst for knowledge!

The French corner 🇫🇷

Quoi de neuf les devs ?: Every Friday, you'll find a digest of web dev news (not just frontend news). There are also interviews with developers. It's one of the most comprehensive newsletters in the French-speaking world.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, these newsletters will keep you ahead of the curve.