Frontend podcast list 🎙️

Frontend podcast list 🎙️

You'll find a comprehensive list of frontend and web dev podcasts in English and French.

I love listening to podcasts. It allows me either to discover new things, or to hear the views of major players in tech or the web. Sometimes I even feel like I'm in a conversation with colleagues or friends discussing the latest hot topic. I've put together a list of podcasts that I listen to regularly and that I think are really cool to listen to.

Front End Happy Hour

Much more than a Frontend podcast, the topics covered are always very varied. Sometimes Frontend, sometimes more general, but always of the highest quality. Lots of different speakers each time, and what I particularly appreciate is the transcription!
🔗 Front End Happy Hour

DevTools FM

"A podcast about developer tools and the people who make them." Real frontend podcast with a wide range of interesting topics every week. It's complete with an audio version and a video version, a transcript and info for each episode.
🔗 Devtools FM

Syntax FM

A podcast for web developers hosted by Wes Bos and Scott Tolinski. I don't know how they manage to bring you such a packed episode every 2/3 days! 😆 But they do it well, with humor and quality! I love Wes Bos, his good mood is always infectious! 😻🔗 Syntax FM


Hosted by John Papa, Dan Wahlin and Craig Shoemaker, no less! Find an episode (sometimes with guests) every week on the web in general. The episodes aren't too long, and always include resources for further reading.
🔗 Webrush

ShopTalk Show

The podcast of Chris Coyier (css-tricks, codepen...) and Dave Rupert. Every week, find topics on how to build sites, programming and much more! Only the transcript is missing to make it perfect, but go for it, you won't regret it!
🔗 ShopTalk Show

Jamstack Radio

Even if the name seems to say otherwise, this podcast isn't all about JAMStack or even the frontend. Instead, you'll find episodes on the web in general, with guests sharing their experiences. The episodes are not very long, generally 30m, for those who don't have much time, and come with full notes and a transcript.
🔗 JAMStack Radio

JS Party

"A weekly celebration of JavaScript and the web." I think it's fair to say that this is one of the best frontend podcasts out there, and certainly the most comprehensive. It's simple, nothing is missing! Discover it first.
🔗 JS Party

JavaScript Jabber

Like many others, every week you'll find a (fairly long) episode on the JS ecosystem or frontend development in general. The episodes are good, but we'd like to see a few more resources associated with the episode and the transcript. It's still a very good podcast though.
🔗 JavaScript Jabber

Whiskey Web and Whatnot

My latest discovery! I love the format, the content and the speakers. Each episode has a transcript, shortcuts to points of interest and links to the various topics covered.
🔗 Whiskey Web and Whatnot

🇫🇷 The french corner

If This Then Dev

Probably THE best-known French podcast. It's been around for many, many years and it's still going consistent. To quote the pitch: "Every week Bruno Soulez interviews an expert to decode a subject or trend in the world of innovation and technology in general". I really like the alternation of long episodes and their shorter debrief version with another speaker who offers a new perspective. Highly recommended
🔗 If This Then Dev

Double Slash

"Double Slash is the podcast for modern web developers. Patrick and Alex share their views on technology, libs and web development trends." It's often a 2-person conversation about front and back-end web news, tools and more. They are sometimes joined by guests to talk about more specific subjects. You'll also find all the news and links discussed during the episode. There's also a video if you prefer that format. I really like the design of their site, by the way.
🔗 Double Slash

Message à caractère informatique

In this podcast, you'll find some Clever Cloud members (sometimes with guests) doing a round-table discussion of the latest news. What I like about them is that they talk about issues that you don't necessarily find elsewhere (digital sovereignty, hardware, cloud...) with great expertise but always in good humour. There's also a timecode and links to the discussion to make it easier to find the information later. If you want to broaden your general tech culture, this podcast is for you! Bonus: a video version is published at the same time.
🔗 Message à caractère informatique

Code Garage

On code garage you'll find some very interesting episodes with a real variety of programming topics. There's always something to learn in each episode, and there are also a few off-series episodes: Interviews and hardware-oriented episodes.
🔗 Code Garage

Artisan développeur

Benoit Gantaume and his velvety voice take you on a TDD- and freelancing-oriented podcast with lots of contributors. The format is fairly short but always very relevant. Not particularly frontend-oriented, but very interesting nonetheless. He also creates content on youtube
🔗 Artisan Développeur

135 grammes

Another podcast that isn't strictly speaking "Frontend". But it covers a subject that can't be ignored: applications and the mobile industry! You'll find stories about mobile and conversations with people who make mobile tech and much more...
🔗 135 Grammes - Les histoires de la tech mobile

For 5 seasons now, this podcast, which focuses more on tech than the web, has been giving its guests the chance to talk about various subjects such as cybersecurity, management... The format is fairly short, and I also like the "Tech immersion" features, which allow us to discover companies from the inside.

Tech Café

This is the latest podcast that I listen to more rarely but which covers a wide range of subjects closely or remotely related to tech such as the internet, social networks, smartphones and AI... It's a great way to keep abreast of the latest news.
🔗 Tech Café

✌️ I hope this helps you find interesting podcasts to listen to! Feel free to share your favorite podcasts, and we'll add them to our list.