Tech Foutraque #24 | Your weekly frontend digest

Tech Foutraque #24 | Your weekly frontend digest

This week, a little less Angular and a lot of very varied and, above all, very visual articles!

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Frontend 🎨

Article of the week : The Web Can Do What!? Great visual experience from Google! Interactive, interesting and fun!






UX / UI 📱

Let's start with the web designer's favorite tool, Figma, with 3 articles on the latest news. First one by Evil Martians 😍

2 articles from Smashing magazine, as high quality as ever! Always recommended to read their articles

Work, productivity... 📇

Misc 🗂️

Tutorials 💻

Tools & ressources 🔧

  • Awesome tool!!! Ribbon Shapes - Get a CSS-only Ribbon Shape made with a single-element and customizable using CSS variables.

  • Another valuable resource. This site will be your toolbox for all your needs. Converter, hash text, token generator, PDF signature checker and more...

  • cRonstrue: JavaScript library that translates Cron expressions into human readable descriptions

  • perfect-freehand: Draw perfect pressure-sensitive freehand lines. You can export your signature as SVG for example!

  • CLONE UI - Generate UI components with simple prompts

  • is a free online resource design, render, and performance patterns for building powerful web apps with vanilla JavaScript or modern frameworks.

  • usehooks-ts: React hook library, ready to use, written in Typescript.

  • nextjs-use-php: Use PHP code right within your React / Next.js App. With use php;

Videos 📼

Podcasts, talks... 🎙️

2 episodes of Asian Efficiency about productivity

The French corner

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