TF #30 | Your weekly frontend digest

TF #30 | Your weekly frontend digest

This week's links are quite original for once: PWA, CSS with Houdini, visionOS, Remix instead of NextJS, and a bluffing site about Google.

Article of the week : What PWA Can Do Today. A showcase of what is possible with Progressive Web Apps today

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  • Discover our diverse range of APIs, from simple utilities to cutting-edge AI-powered solutions. #1 Product of the day on Product Hunt.

  • Env: A utility for verifying environment variables are present.

  • unrot•link | Prevent and reverse link rot with a single script

  • Remote-storage: remoteStorage is a simple library that combines the localStorage API with a remote server to persist data across browsers and devices.

  • Pagination: Simple Pagination Library

  • The AHA Stack | AHA

  • TWC is a lightweight library to create Tailwind CSS Components in one line, write less code and build faster.

  • TSDiagram - Diagrams as code with TypeScript

  • CSS Hooks Inline styles doing what we thought they couldn't.

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