TF #21 | Your weekly frontend digest

TF #21 | Your weekly frontend digest

This week, Next.js , Next.js and Next.js again... But also lot of content on Nuxt, Svelte, WebComponents... And always plenty of tools and podcast.

Article of the week : Why I Won't Use Next.js by Kent C. Dodds. He shares his opinion with pertinent arguments. And it's a different point of view, not necessarily popular but honest. Lee Robinson, who works on NextJS, replied in this article: Why I'm Using Next.js

News 🗞

  • Astro 3.4 is out and features support for page partials, a new experimental dev overlay, and more.

  • Next.js 14 comes with stable server actions and turbopack improvements. There's also a new page for mastering new concepts.

Frontend 🎨




Web performances ⚡

UX / UI 📱

Work, productivity 📇

Misc 🗂️

Tutorials 💻

Tools & resources 🔧



  • Svelte by Example succinct, gentle introduction to Svelte & SvelteKit to peak your curiosity

  • System-design-101: Explain complex systems using visuals and simple terms. Help you prepare for system design interviews.

Videos 📼

Podcasts, talks 🎙️

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