TF #32 | Your weekly frontend digest

TF #32 | Your weekly frontend digest

Big first this week: 2 articles on swift! A very instructive case study of N/N group, CORS, adonisJS v6, zed, react-email, Macintosh, Alpine...

Article of the week : Happy 40th Birthday, Macintosh the Macintosh Classic II was my very first computer. I was just playing lemmings!

This week, we've got 2 articles on swift, lots of articles on node, typescript, alpine, adonisJS, vue and a very good topic on react and Openlayers.
On the UX side, a case study from N/N group on indicators, validations and notifications, not to be missed.

For managers, there's a lot more to come: classics on estimating and team management, as well as the article "The 'errors' that mean you're doing it right", which I really enjoyed!
In other news, Apple is in the spotlight with the Macintosh anniversary and icloud. A good article on the English government and the migration of their PostgreSQL database.

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