TF #35 | Your weekly frontend digest

TF #35 | Your weekly frontend digest

Apple gets nasty again, mario kart in your browser ! :has epic guide, 12 years of stories from a dev to Meta and React forms action...

And the recent conclusion : Apple reverses course on death of Progressive Web Apps in EU

After a 2-week break (I was too ill to work properly), I'm back with a full load of news as usual. Apple is still in the news, but not for the right reasons.

You'll find articles on the future of React. There's also an article on the last 12 years of a Meta engineer who has worked on so many projects!
2 detailed comparative articles on Next/Remix/HTMX. On the work side, a story about a dream job that turned into a nightmare and a guide to getting started as a CTO.
And we end up with a crazy project: making a Mario kart playable on the web!

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